September 24, 2012

London Fashion Week Street-Style

Real British !


livlovelaugh hat gesagt…

i love these fashion photos~ Thanx for posting them!~


Nathan Niche hat gesagt…

These girls are so damn chic, I recognize seeing some of them LIVE during LFW. Glad I clicked your comment and ended up on your blog and oh yeah, decided to follow you! You don't have to do the same lol. Btw, I just post up my final batch of LFW shots I took, fab street style shots guaranteed, it was sort of my Tommy Ton moment, well at least in my head that is hahaa.

xx The Provoker

GlamorousGirl hat gesagt…

great inspiration!

Lilly Rocket hat gesagt…

was für grossartige outfits!! <3

bonnie + kleid